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Behind the Camera

Hello and a big welcome to SteelStar photography.  My name is Lisa Hutchinson and SteelStar is my dream.

My love of photography started when I studied in America.  I have always loved architecture (I'm the daughter of a builder) and in America I had the opportunity to visit amazing places and photograph amazing buildings.  Looking at those photographs now takes me back to a moment in time and that's what I really love about photography.

After having my 3 boys my love of photography continued to grow.  I have a very close family and we get together a lot so there was always an excuse for me to get out my camera and capture the moments.  Wedding photography came a little later for me.  I had begun small amounts of commercial work before I was asked by friends to photograph their wedding day - and that was it - I was hooked and have never looked back!  In fairness I have always been a little obsessed with weddings (in all honesty it's a little more that an obsession!)  Families and friends gathered together to celebrate love; the details, colour schemes, fashion, music and emotion - what's not to love.  Simply beautiful memories in the making.

After moving further north to the small market town of Yarm for 10 years, my feet are now firmly back in my home city of Sheffield with my husband and 3 boys.

These days when I'm not busy as a mum or out with my camera, I can be found throwing sticks in the river somewhere for my Spanish Water Dog, Roo.